Wayne Warnecke, owner and chief engineer, has been recording, mixing,mastering and producing music for over 35 years. Some past and present clients include:


Luther Vandross

ALbert Hammond

Bernard Purdie


Patti Austin

Bob James

Average White Band

Chris Jasper


Alan Gorrie

Elizabeth Brandon

Cindy Bradley

The Kennedy Center Honors


Vanessa Williams

Rob Mathes

Placido Domingo

Panic! At The Disco

Grace Potter

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Rufus Thomas

Gil Parris

Bill Evans

Cynthia Biggs

Alex Bugnon

Melba Moore

Bob Baldwin

John Scofield

Garland Jeffries

Marion Meadows

Kirk Whalum

Sarah Dash

Jean Carne

Chaka Khan

The Temptations

Ed Palermo Big Band

Vaneese Thomas


David Heckendorn

Kristen Capolino

WGBH Boston

Mary Pearson



State-of-the-Art Equipment

Great Instruments

A recent record date featuring (L-R) Al Orlo, Shawn Pelton, Robbie Kondor and Will Lee.
Our mic closet is stocked with a wide variety of choices.
2 Neumann TLM 193
2 AKG 414 BULS
2 Shure KSM 32
2 AKG SE-300B
1 AKG "The Tube"
1 Nuemann M-149
5 Senheiser 421
1 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM 58
1 Neumann KMS 105
1 AKG D 112
2 Neumann TLM 103
2 Coles 4038 Ribbon
1 EV RE 20
And a few other assorted goodies ....
We feature a full blown Pro Tools 2020 Ultimate rig with 24 in X 24 out analog I/O and an additional digital I/O along with an Avid C24 control surface.
Focusrite RED 1 Quad Mic Pre
2 Heritage '73 Jr. 500 mic Pre
4 API 512C 500 Mic Pres
2 Neve 511 500 Mic Pres
2 Daking 500 Mic Pres
Avalon 737sp Tube mic channel
UA Audio LA610 Mk 2 Mic channel
Tube Tech LCA 2 Compressor
FocusriteRed 3 Stero Compressor
Massenberg Stereo EQ
AMS 1580s Stereo Harmonizer/Delay
DBX 162 Compressor
DBX 165A Compressor
Lexicon PCM 96 FX 
Hear Back Multi Channel Headphone Cue System
Emotiva Stealth 8 Powered Mid Field
Yamaho NS10M Studio With
Bryston Power Amp.
Our software is changing all the time but we always have a great selection of plug-ins including Auto Tune and many Waves products, Oxford EQ, SSL compressor, API EQ and compressors and many many more....... 2018 Just added the Waves Abbey Road bundle.... Sweet!
Yamaha 6'2" C3 Grand Piano
1980s era Yamaha recording drum set (6 piece)
1968 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Drum Kit (4 piece)
Gibson c 1973 Les Paul Custom
Tokai Original AST '56
Tokai Original Red Hard Puncher Bass
Acoustic guitars
Fender Resonator Guitar
Fender Squire
Percussion items
Yamaha Motif
Roland Phantom X-8
Yamaha CP30 88 Key 
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp
Blackstar HT Club 40 Guitar Amp
Marshall 4X12 JCM 2000
Fender Blues Jr. 3 gtr amp
1970s Vintage Mini Moog
Hammond XB2 Organ and Leslie
Hartke Kick Back 12 Bass Amp