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Down Yonder Cover Square final.jpg
Down Yonder
Vaneese Thomas

2019's Superb collection of 12 original Blues hits are storming up the charts... A must have for your collection!

The Long Journey Home
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas releases her follow up to Blues For My Father with a resounding boom! Radio and reviews are taking off. Check it out at ....

Vaneese Thomas releases her follow up to Blues For My Father with a resounding boom! Radio and reviews are taking off. Check it out at ....

Founded in 2002, Segue Records is an independent music company concentrating on quality new music releases of all genres. Key personnel include:

Vaneese Thomas - President

Wayne Warnecke - Executive Vice President

Carolyn Mitchell - Marketing Director Consultant.

Segue Records is distributed world wide by The Orchard

Sumthing Distribution


Blues For My Father
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas releases her new CD "Blues For My Father" as a musical tribute to the legendary Rufus Thomas. Available on and iTunes.

Soul Sister vol. 1
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas pays tribute to the the classic women of soul on this 2009 release.

"With righteous interpretations of sophisticated Soul classics, Vaneese Thomas reminds us she's the real deal!" --Paul Shaffer

Available on and iTunes

A Woman's Love
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas shows amazing versatility on this 2003 release of clasic R&B collection.

"This is a wonderful smooth jazz cd featuring the silky vocals of Vaneese Thomas. She is accompained by great musicians as well.
My favorite song is "A Candle" featuring Vaneese and co-written by Paul Mariconda. Wow!!! Great stuff! "

Available on and iTunes.

When My Back's Against The Wall
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese's Gospel CD "When My Back's Against The Wall" was praised as "An independent label masterpiece" by Billboard Magazine upon it's release. Check it out and you'll see why!

Available on and soon on iTunes.

Just Because I'm Leavin....
Rufus Thomas

The last studio album to be released by the legendary Rufus Thomas is available again as CD and download!

It's A Wonderful Life
Nine Men's Morris

Check out the 2004 release of "It's A Wonderful Life" by Nine Men's Morris.

Nine Men's Morris is a trio that turns out some catchy choruses and nice melodies on this release. Songs like "Again and Again" and "Time To Think" soar and the backing vocals on "Asteroids" are positively inspired. This CD also features a cool retro tune called "Don't Say You're Sorry" and a remake of Andrew Gold's "Lonely Boy" which adds a few guitars that his original lacked...Customer review

Available at

Mile 23
Dana Edelman

Dana Edelman's Mile 23 is a hit and run CD that stops you dead in your tracks. It's a creative and unique integration of diverse sounds mixed with rhythmic storytelling, at times metaphoric rhetoric that speaks to the listeners and brightens their spirit. Dana takes us on a personal yet universal journey, riding through a sweet, pleasantly gratifying blend of Americana music inclusive of Folk, Rock, Country and soulful Blues arrangements wrapped in spiritual undertones, fused at times with Urban Jazz grooves and subtle Acid Jazz rhythms.... Customer review

Available at and iTunes.

In His Time
Berneta Miles

Berneta Miles' debut CD is an amazing collection of top notch arrangements and uplifting vocals that can't help but inspire! Check it out on

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